Studio Hire Terms and Conditions

Please read the booking terms and conditions prior to making your booking. You will be required to agree to our terms and conditions before you can complete your booking.


Upon arrival you are required to check in at the Front Desk.

Your booking time includes all your bump in and bump out requirements which includes all set up and pack up needs. Therefore, please ensure you book the right amount of time. Please ensure you arrive on time and are packed up and ready to leave by your scheduled finishing time. Any extra time required over your booking time is charged at from $85 per hour for either Studio 1 or Studio 2.

The studio is provided in an “as is” condition. If you require a fresh coat of paint on the cyclorama surfaces you need to provide the studio with 7 days notice, an extra fee of $250 is payable on this request.

Upon leaving the studio, it is expected that all areas used will be left in the condition they were provided to you in. A cleaning fee is $55 will be charged if this request is not followed.

If the cyclorama wall is unreasonably dirty after your booking, you will be invoiced $85 which is due and payable within 7 days.

If the cyclorama wall is damaged, Black Canvas Photographers will organise repairs and invoice you for said repairs, which will be due and payable within 7 days.

If background paper is damaged, creased, stained or deemed unfit for future use (at Black Canvas Photographers discretion), the hirer will be charged $30 per linear metre, due and payable within 7 days.

The Hirer on the booking form are the only persons permitted to use the Studio premises and equipment. The Hirer is not permitted to sub-contract or sub-let the Studio or equipment to any third parties. Hirers may not remove or modify equipment in a way not recommended by the manufacturer. The Hirer is responsible to only allow the equipment to be used trained personnel.


Our studios are available to hire 7 days per week.

Due to council zoning, we are able to open from 8am and are required to close by 11.30pm.

We cannot facilitate bookings outside of these times.

All booking times are inclusive of bump in and bump out requirements.


Studio 1 or Studio 2

Hourly Rate
from $85 per hour

Half day – 4 hours
from $320

Full day – 8 hours
from $650


Additional hours can be added to your booking by negotiation and are subject to availability. Additional hours can be purchased at from $85 per hour for Studio 1 or Studio 2.


We request that you use flash triggers when using the studios so as to avoid interfering with other shoots in progress as much as possible. Although they are not required, and we can’t guarantee that these will be effective 100% of the time, Black Canvas Photographers is not responsible for any interference that may occur.

If you do not have your own flash triggers, please contact us. You may bring your own required equipment for use at the Studio, however, Black Canvas Photographers is not responsible for any losses or damages that may occur whilst being used on the premise.


Once your Studio Booking has been confirmed via phone or email contact with us we will provide you with an invoice. Full payment is due 7 days prior to your booking. If your booking is within less than 7 days full payment is due immediately.

Payment can be made by:

Bank deposit using the Bank Details provided on your invoice.

Credit card payment over the phone

Your booking isn’t secured until full payment has been received. If payment is not received by the due date your booking will be cancelled and will result in this action being recorded on your account.

Black Canvas Photographers reserves the right to refuse reservations to repeat offenders at its sole discretion.


 Your booking is automatically confirmed once it has been added to our booking calendar.

You will receive a confirmation email with the details of your booking.

Once your full payment has been received your booking will be secured.


 You must notify us at least 48 hours before your scheduled session time if you need to reschedule your appointment.

If this request if followed, your payment will roll over to your rescheduled appointment.

Failure to show to a booking or failure to notify us that you are unable to attend your booking at least 48 hours before your scheduled session time will result in this action being recorded on your account. No refunds are given for failure to attend your booking without notifying us with less than 48 hours notice.

Black Canvas Photographers reserves the right to refuse reservations to repeat offenders at its sole discretion

Furthermore, if we are unable to come to an agreement and arrange a suitable rescheduled appointment Black Canvas Photographers will be happy to hold your booking fee for 6 months as a credit for a future booking.


 If you would like to book any part of the Studio and require exclusive use of the Studio space, that is all other studios/spaces made unavailable during your booking, be it for confidentiality reasons, sound recording, etc please advise Black Canvas Photographers before booking.

Although you will have exclusive use of the space, please be aware Black Canvas Photographers is a business and will have staff on the premise. The Common Area, Kitchen, Bathroom Facilities and Reception Area are all shared areas so there will be people utilising those spaces during your booking. However, staff will ensure they use these areas only when required to minimise disruption of your booking.


Use of our studio and our equipment is at HIRER’S OWN RISK. Hirer hereby waives rights to seek legal redress for mishaps, accidents, and/or loss while on our premises.

Hirer agrees to leave the studio and adjacent grounds in the same condition as they were when Hirer arrived.

Hirer is solely responsible for any legal infraction Hirer or members of Hirer’s party make during the conduct of the shoot, be they in our studio or elsewhere. This includes parking tickets, all other violation or citations, and legal action resulting from the conduct of the shoot, taken at whatever time.

Hirer agrees to hold harmless Black Canvas Photographers, its owner, agents, representatives, and contractors acting on its behalf for any loss, accident, or injury to Hirer’s self or anyone who accompanies Hirer while on our premises.

Hirer agrees to be solely responsible for the conduct and welfare of all persons accompanying Hirer while on our premises. Hirers are solely responsible for the safety and well-being of any models Hirer engages.

Hirer understands that if Black Canvas Photographers staff observes dangerous, pornographic, or negligent practices or activities are being engaged in Black Canvas Photographers reserves the right to stop the shoot and require the hirer and hirer’s party to leave immediately — HOWEVER, Black Canvas Photographers assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY to act in such cases.

Hirer agrees to hold Black Canvas Photographers, its agents, representatives, and anyone acting on behalf of Hirer completely harmless from any action, legal or otherwise, that results from Hirer’s conduct. Hirers are solely responsible for verifying that all models employed during Hirer’s rental period are of legal age for the activities they are to be engaged in. Black Canvas Photographers has no responsibility to determine or verify the age of participants in the Hirer’s activities but reserves the right to end those activities if it becomes aware that legal age violations are on-going. Hirer understands and agrees that a Black Canvas Photographers representative will be present in the studio at all times Hirers are using it.


Black Canvas Photographers has insured the studio premises and their own equipment against all normal insurable risks but not further or otherwise. The Hirer is responsible for insuring their own equipment and personal property and that belonging to their clients, assistants, associated personnel and other third-party individuals.

The Hirer agrees to indemnify Black Canvas Photographers against any costs including legal costs, damages, payments, fines, or interests Black Canvas Photographers may incur as a result of the Hirer breaching this agreement.

Black Canvas Photographers is not liable for acts out of its control that affect the shoot, such as power outages, weather or emergencies. In such cases, Black Canvas Photographers may refund a prorata portion of Hirer’s payment and/or reschedule the studio booking.

Black Canvas Photographers reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time with or without notice if the Hirer has breached any terms of this agreement or for unforeseeable circumstances that prevent Hirer from fulfilling the agreement.


An account shall be considered in default if it remains unpaid for 30 days from due date.

Black Canvas Photographers will reserve the right to refuse access to the facilities and services offered, until the amount due has been fully paid.

Removal of the clients access to the facilities and services offered does not relieve the Client of its obligation to pay the due amount.

Clients whose accounts are in default agree to pay Black Canvas Photographers reasonable legal expenses and third party collection agency fees in respect of the enforcement of these terms of business.


Black Canvas Photographers parking spaces allocated in the car park in front of the Studio are strictly for Black Canvas Photographers Staff Only.

Hirers are welcome to park directly in our carport (at the entrance in front of the roller door) for equipment unloading and reloading only. Once equipment is unloaded or loaded we ask that you please move your vehicle to a street car park nearby.

Each unit in Percy Court has a number of allocated car parks for their use only. They are reserved all hours.

To prevent any issues, we request that the following rules are adhered to:

  • Under no circumstances are vehicles permitted to park in a space allocated to another unit.
  • Vehicles must not be parked in such a way that causes access issues for other units.
  • Parking on any part of the driveway is prohibited.

Failing to adhere to the request may result in further action by the Whittles Strata and Community Title Services Corporation.

Your co-operation in relation to this matter will be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or concerns about parking near Black Canvas Photographers, please contact Whittles Strata and Community Services Corporation directly on 08 8291 2300 or


Sound recording is achievable but not guaranteed to be of any standard. We recommend you inspect the studio to determine suitability.


Please be respectful of all staff and other hirers on the premise during your time at the studio. This is a shared space.

Excessive noise is not allowed. Please be respectful of the other tenants in Percy Court by keeping noise at a respectable level.

No smoking is allowed on any part of the studio premises.

Minors must be supervised at all times.

Wireless Internet Access is limited to general web browsing. Hirers are to refrain from downloading movies, music or restricted content. Please speak with Black Canvas Photographers staff to get the wifi password.